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When he was angry at us, she would often divert his attention to herself to free us of harm, which didn't always work.

He's working hard_____.

There _____ beautiful clothes displayed in the shop window.

________ (social) and interact with others as much as possible.

______ I go, I always seem to bump into him.


Which of the following state is nitrogen equilibrium?

Why does the writer think that clean air will remain a rarity in the city for years to come?


关于船载VDR的数据,所有权应归______。 592


Genetically modified food is a subject of _____(争议).

The pilot-aircraft system should be a/an()

在钢板号料时,一定要将号料位置定在( )之内。

( )的理论强调货币流通速度对货币需求的影响。

19. _________ team wins onSaturday will go on to the national championships.

存储器一般分为 和 。通常内存是指CPU可以访问的存储器,也称为 。

Which of the following was the author's previous attitude towards his body?

随机存取存储器RAM中的内容,当电源断掉后又接通,则存储器中的内容将如何变换?( )

How far is it from here to the library?


If a specific game is relevant or helpful to develop certain knowledge or ability,and then decide when and____ to use it and how to use it.

\The Old Man and the Sea\ was cited by the Nobel Committee as contributing to their awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Hemingway in 1954. Nobel Literature Committee’s Evaluation was 'The old man and the sea' writes an old man, but it shows the whole world” .


--What do you think of the meal? --Although some dishes _____, it really is a nice meal.

以下哪个URL的表示是错误的? ( )

2011.12 8.We _______ building the bridge by the end of next month.


The people present at the meeting are ______.

I can't understand ______ at that poor child.

Either your teacher or you____mistaken.

The proposal ____ at the meeting now is of great importance to our department.

The _________majority of small businesses go broke within the first twenty-four months.

_____ you do it or not is none of my business.


The appropriateness of physical contact varies with different cultures.

会计核算中,由于有了( )基本假设,才产生了本期与非本期的区别,从而出现权责发生制和收付实现制的区别。

34. _______is the position where the container is placed across the width of the ship.

本实训任务中四台PC 的IP地址依次为192.168.1.1、、、,子网掩码都为( )。

在Windows7操作系统中, 是在内存中开辟的一块临时存放交换信息的区域,只要Windows7处于运行中,该区域便处于工作状态。

Marie: Should I leave the ?

This problem is ___________his ability and I don't think he Call solve it.

What is the current situation of working women in the United States

2.The speaker thinks it's acceptable for players to treat their opponents as enemies on court.

In English common law real property real estate realty or immovable property is any sbuset of land that has been legally defined and improvements to it have been made by human efforts.

I'd like you to give me to read.

2.What was the percentage of part-time students employed last

What _______ did you watch on television last night?

Robinson's photographs are __________ by the intense contrasts of dark and light areas,and the consequent loss of detail.

She asked Tom ________ with his car?



She said that she want to beijing.


In 1960, __________ of five of all children who got leukemia died. Now four out of every five ____________. Part of the reason for this is medicine from the _________ periwinkle, a ______________, which the tribal doctors had used for centuries.

Where was Ana’s father from originally?


If people open an E-mail with an attachment carrying viruses, the computer is sure to be infected.

A2型题 患者男, 39 岁,家住公寓第 28 层,每当其到阳台晾衣服时,即感觉头晕、恶心、心悸、手足颤抖、出汗、呼吸加快,半年前曾因此而突然晕倒。此人存在的护理问题是

Testing students by examinations has long been regarded as a reliable way to ____students’ ability.

How to strengthen the relationship of a couple? List several key words.


Britain’s health experts are ( ) a ban on all cigarette advertising.



American college students are increasingly ________ with credit card debt and the consequences can be rather serious.


适用于规模较小,业务量较少的核算组织程序有( ) 适用于规模较小,业务量较少的核算组织程序有( )

采用品种法计算产品成本,不存在将生产费用在完工产品和月末在产品之间分配。( )

The doctors _______ the medicines to the people in the flood area.

Roads with odd numbers represent the highways from north to south.


Increasing numbers of people _________to work from home nowadays.

12.The engine failed and the pilot had to ________ the plane ________ in the sea.

处于需要最高层次的是( )


Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of Theodore Roosevelt.

Acid rain is not straightforwardly _____ to the burning of coal.


Although CAD systems do not involve computer graphics, they can display the designed product on a screen.

He was fascinated by the culture of China and decided to _____ to this old country to find work.

In long-run equilibrium, a firm in a perfectly competitive industry will produce at the point where:

( )若一年中复利计息的次数大于1,则年实际利率高于其名义利率。

______________ students in this university will spend at least one semester overseas to help them develop a global outlook.

The title of Sandy's composition is \The University Campus Should Be Open to Tourists\.

They have much ________ over the cause of the air crash.

3.The skin on our body is a good the virus, unless it is broken or cut. (barrier)

Michael failed the exam.He _________have spent so much time playing Computer games and chatting online.

The subject in the passive sentence is the agent or doer of an action.

He was so interested in the book that he had read for three hours______ he realized it.

Please do not ________ to let me know if you've got any questions.